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CasJobs Command Line Tool 

Download 'casjobs.jar' here
Download sample config file here (Save this as casjobs.config, not casjobs.config.x)
Download source 'casjobs.src.zip' here (includes libraries and ant script)


A java command line tool for completing various tasks using CasJobs web services. With this program you can:

  • View MyDB Tables
  • Submit jobs to all available queues.
  • Submit jobs and wait for them to complete
  • Extract data from tables and automatically download the output.
  • The CL tool is currently compatible with Java SDK v1.5 or higher (v1.6 recommended). Compatibility is not usually tied to OS but rather the Java SDK version.


    This program was compiled with Sun JDK v1.6. Compatibility with Java environments from other vendors or with lower version numbers is untested.


    Casjobs.config.x must first be renamed to Casjobs.config

    Before first use, you must enter your wsid and password in the Casjobs.config file. Your wsid is located at the top of the profile page here.

    The CasJobsCL tool is distributed in executable *.jar format. Also included is a config file, called 'CasJobs.config', which must be included in the same directory as the executable. To run the program, type 'java -jar casjobs.jar' and append desired arguments. To simplify calling the program, you can add a script in your path that calls casjobs.jar.

    This program can be configured to use a proxy by adding these lines to its config file.



    From now on, 'casjobs' is assumed to be an alias for 'java -jar casjobs.jar'

    casjobs --help commands
    casjobs execute "select top 10 ra from photoobj"
    casjobs submit -t dr2/60 -n "my query" -f "myquery.sql"
    casjobs extract -d -a dataset -b "some_table"
    If you have problems running the CL tool, pl. see the FAQ entry for the command-line tool.

    Scripting Examples

    This section assumes you have some basic scripting knowledge in whatever platform you're on. It should give you an idea of how the tool might be scripted, but of course these are not 100% platform-independent examples. You'll probably have to modify them for your situation.

    Example 1
    casjobs run -t "dr2/1" -n "test query" "select top 10 ra into mydb.test0 from photoobj"
    casjobs extract -b test0 -F -type fits -d
    casjobs execute -t "dr2/1" -n "drop query" "drop table test0"

    This example will:

  • run a query, then wait for it to finish
  • extract and download output from that query
  • drop the table the query created