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Greetings and Introduction


Welcome to the PanSTARRS1 (PS1) Catalog Archive Server Jobs System (CasJobs) service.

The PS1 survey observed the 30,000 square degrees of sky north of declination -30 degrees in five filters (grizy). The principal science product of the PS1 survey is the catalog accessible through this interface. See the PanSTARRS documentation for more information on the survey and its products.

If you want to do a simple positional search in the PS1 catalog (for a named source, at a single position, or using a list of positions), we recommend you look first at the MAST PanSTARRS Search interface. It can be used either interactively or for scripted access.

We also plan to add access to PanSTARRS through the MAST Portal soon. That will provide access that includes the ability to get image cutouts and to plot the properties of catalog sources.

About CasJobs

For larger, more sophisticated queries, you have come to the right place. The purpose of CasJobs is to permit large queries, phrased in the Structured Query Language (SQL), to be run in batch queue. Short queries can be run immediately using the Quick button on the "Query" page.

Knowing SQL helps, but if you don't know SQL, you can Google "SQL tutorials". This implementation of CasJobs is designed for you to "fake it".

Casjobs also provides a personal database (i.e. myDB) facility where you can store output from your queries and save stored procedures and functions. This powerful aspect of Casjobs can also be used as a group sharing facility with your collaborators.

For more details about CasJobs syntax and a brief view into the full power of Casjobs, see the PS1 Casjobs guide. The PS1 CasJobs FAQ and SDSS Casjobs FAQ can also be helpful.


CasJobs was originally developed by the Johns Hopkins University/ Sloan Digital Sky Survey (JHU/SDSS) team. With their permission, MAST used version 3.5.16 to construct CasJobs-based tools for GALEX, Kepler, the Hubble Source Catalog, and PanSTARRS.

Acknowledgments of the use of CasJobs in publications should note its authorship by the JHU/SDSS team and list the original site as http://casjobs.sdss.org/CasJobs.

Authors are also asked to acknowledge the "PanSTARRS1 Catalog" in the text of the paper and to reference the PanSTARRS catalog paper. See the PanSTARRS documentation for the full text of the acknowledgment and papers to cite.