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Kepler GO Help

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Column Names for Kepler Colors
    Column Descriptions for Kepler Colors

Column Names for Kepler-GALEX Crossmatch
    Column Descriptions for Kepler-GALEX Crossmatch

SQL Tutorials

Intro SQL Tutorial
Advanced SQL Tutorial
Note: For the Advanced SQL Tutorial, CASJobs is based upon SQL Server Syntax

GO Help with MAST'S CasJobs Tool

SECTION 1: Extending requests beyond the Enhanced Kepler Target Search form

Part 1: Introduction to the Kepler Colors Table
Part 2: Downloads from the Kepler Colors Table
Part 3: The Cookbook on CasJobs-Kepler Sample Queries

SECTION 2: Kepler-GALEX Crossmatch

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Downloads
Part 3: The Cookbook on CasJob Sample Queries
Part 4: Plots, correlations, and distributions
Cautions about matchings

SECTION 3: Kepler, K2 Main Table Descriptions

Kepler, K2 Main Tables